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Joining Kent/Ashford BNI? Before you do...

We believe we have a public duty to tell you what Kent BNI is really like, we passed over £70,000 of business in two months, yet were still ignored, shafted and ripped off. The decision is yours, we are only here to give you both sides of the BNI ethos.


Try Googling: “BNI Reviews”

At the time of starting some serious research, the home page of Google showed 9 negative results. Two of which were on SCAM.com and RipOffReport.com. And that is without putting “Bad BNI Reviews”! So if you want to look for those too, you are more than welcome.

We cannot tell you how often we have kicked ourselves for not putting in some due diligence first, but BNI have mastered the art of selling their membership.

Do Your Homework

If you were to invest a £1,000 on a television, or a dance school for your little princess, you would do some research, make sure you do some before you spend well over a £1,000 a year on BNI. Don’t get me wrong, it is perfect for some people and I am sure some regions have excellent meetings and teams that actively gain business for each other.

I know first hand, that Ashford BNI, here in Kent, is not one of them.

BNI no refund

Unlike reputable companies, BNI have a no refund policy. So if you don't like it, tough. If they push you out, tough. Even when they do not keep up their end of the contract, there is no refund! As we found out.

The UK Government’s View On Refunds

As found here: https://www.gov.uk/accepting-returns-and-giving-refunds (opens in new window).

You must offer a full refund if an item’s faulty, not as described or doesn’t do what it’s supposed to.

Well, I do not think that is too complicated. Do you?

You can also look at “Chargeback” schemes offered by your card provider. More information on Chargeback can be found here, on the CAB page. (Opens in new window.)


the bni way

The BNI Way is almost draconian, their way or no way. We were told that you HAVE to bring a new visitor at least once a month, which is impossible for a start up business with only one type of client base. Read below for more "BNI Ways".

What we were told at Ashford M20 BNI, Kent:

There is a lot more to it, as you will see when you go through this website, but in short, Kent BNI isn’t the best for growing the group new visitors, you are! So your £1,100+ a year pays them for you doing the work. It’s genius! You line the pockets of the Kent BNI directors, presidents and owners, while they fly around the world doing whatever it is they do.

As much as I would love to have that kind of money flying into my bank account, morally, I couldn’t do it.

We Pay Them For What?

You get a shiny tie pin, a name badge holder and a branded filofax, (yes, remember them, as outdated as the BNI model) not really worth the £1,100+ a year is it. As you HAVE to do marketing for them!

You pay Kent BNI, so that you can bring them even more people! Yes, I do feel stupid now, but that is what this website is about, telling people the truth about Kent BNI. So people can see what goes on before having the money disappear into the ether, with no chance of a refund from BNI. 




BNI horror stories

We have found thousands of these online and had a fair few contact us directly too. Please note, that these are all stories from people that have paid BNI and had a less than acceptable service for their money. Beware of BNI.

Visit our archive

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Send us your horror story/experiences of BNI, we will try to publish them all, please also let us know if you wish to remain anonymous or not (we know how they can try to block work for you, first hand). Let's help warn other people together.


Warn Others
If you have had a bad experience with BNI, then let us know, so that we can help warn others and save them for making the same mistakes.

It is horrible for small businesses trying to build up their clients, when they spend a lot of money and time on something like a bad BNI, (like Ashford, Kent BNI) only to be left in the cold and have lost all of that valuable time and money that could of been spent on their own business and not BNI’s.

Be the change you want to see in the world…
- Ghandi